Drawing on a wealth of expertise and driven by our whole-hearted commitment, we deliver wide-ranging, tailored solutions that cover all aspects of real estate and construction.


Our team offers you all the benefits of a skilled one-stop partner with over 35 years' professional experience. We will provide you with help and advice in all matters relating to real estate sales and valuation, construction planning, refurbishment and alteration.

Current market valuation + real estate sales
Current market valuation + real estate sales
  • Soundly based estimation of your property's market value
  • Integral sales transaction management backed by comprehensive consulting
  • Current selection of properties for sale
Architecture + site supervision
Architecture + site supervision
  • Refurbishment and alteration of residential and commercial buildings
  • Construction consulting and troubleshooting
  • Real estate analyses and refurbishment concepts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tax analyses for real estate
About us
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